President's Message


This past year has been the first full year that I have been President of Community Concerns for the Medically Fragile. No question, COVID has still played havoc with the operations of nonprofit organizations looking to stay afloat and still service their community.

CCMF has been extremely fortunate to have been able to operate and remain relatively healthy financially. Our organization has been affiliated with the Bingo program and trained just enough volunteers to enjoy the continued benefits this provides. CCMF is able to look forward to a new project to replace the outdoor activity centre with a more practical structure.

In addition, the art, music, and massage therapy programs have been able to restart safely, all to the benefit of the residents. There is no doubt that these programs provide a vital social link for the residents, and in turn allow them to be creative and live fulfilling lives. These programs are where CCMF excels – we know our residents are well looked after by the March of Dimes’ staff and I thank them for their continued dedication.

Sadly, CCMF will lose Joan Armstrong, our wonderful executive director. She has been critical in expanding CCMF’s reach, providing us with numerous opportunities over her tenure. She has worked beyond just being an executive director, she has also volunteered hundreds of hours to the organization. I wish to extend a sincere thank you to Joan for expanding CCMF’s reach – know that your contributions are much appreciated. I send best wishes to you to enjoy a happy and healthy retirement. Seek new adventures!

In addition, Dave Ashdown will be stepping down from CCMF Board duties this year – Dave is one of the founding family members of CCMF, helping to create this organization. Dave brought his knowledge, humour, and dedication to CCMF. No doubt he will be missed, but always welcome to return to the Board. I wish you the very best for the coming year.

Fulfilling the duties of president is difficult for me, given that I work at my own clinic and follow various passions. You could say I have a full plate of interests. However, CCMF is not one person alone, it is a group who are linked by a single purpose. That purpose is to serve those in society who are unable to on their own. The original CCMF parents came together with the thought that there must be a better future for their kids – those children are now thriving adults. We now know CCMF is a critical link to accomplish that goal.

I must thank each of the patrons, members, volunteers, board members, and executive director who each contribute to CCMF. Those individual contributions are small steps taken, so that by the end of the year, we have collectively moved forward. I will continue to endeavour to serve CCMF with your help.


Darcy Winch