Hands on Art

What is Hands on Art?

This group of individuals have so much to offer the art world. There are always ways things can be adapted so the creativity can flow. Tracy Tobin and her team of volunteers look for subtle indicators from the participants for things like colour or texture choice often through body language or eye gaze. The pride they show while working on their piece gives joy to anyone in the room. The changes observed in their growth as artists and as individuals branching their comfort zones show how much this program is not about the end products produced. The Hands on Art Program is a program CCMF is very proud of, for all involved.


A Message from our Instructor

Hi, my name is Tracy Tobin, a local artist with a background career in developmental services supporting adults with special needs for over 20 years.

Art has frequently been my way to engage individuals whether through sing song, dance, fashion, paint, clay, marker, water play, food play, etc. Giving participants a voice & individuality through expression and creation, building social interaction skills and community, enhancing communication, and working on motor skills maintenance.

My goal in the Hands-on Art program with the assistance of volunteers and myself; is to provide a theme or project idea & the materials required in many various possibilities, so that each artist’s piece of work is unique… showcasing their abilities in choices and adaptive tool techniques, all while promoting self-esteem, inclusion, and fun.

We will continue producing amazing works of art in numerous forms to hopefully sell/fundraise, keeping this program available to the residents and to even assist with funds for any other items the residents of Standing Oaks need/want providing the best quality of life possible.

I am so grateful to be working alongside such motivated and creative individuals. Thank you for having me.

Retired 2023

My name is Sue Bendall and I have had the privilege of teaching the Hands on Art Program for the past 8 years. My background is a specialist in the field of Deaf-blindness where using a total communication approach and adapting activities to meet the needs of individuals with varying abilities is second nature. I can’t ever remember a time when I was not creating art in some form. I feel very honoured to work with such a dynamic group of artists.